We develop solutions to real problems and challenges.

Our purpose is straightforward: We want to make life and business easier for everyone. We want to catalyze productivity and maximize result.

Ledjar Accounting Solution

Ledjar is a powerful cloud based smart accounting and business management application that allows businesses and individuals to properly keep, manage and process important business records.

Schoola School Automation

Schoola is a suite of software, applications and solutions designed to help progressive school administrators automate processes, as well as to keep, process and disperse school records and information.

MTI Biz Center

We are creating a chain of modern, experience focused business centers. We want to redefine the way business centers centers a run by focusing on environmental aesthetics and brilliant service delivery.

The Startups Update

Spotlights, stories, victories and lessons. We write about everything going on in and with our startups solutions and products.

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